Student Life

Aside from the core purpose of ministerial formation and academic study, there are also plenty of other things to get involved in during your time at St Stephen’s House:

  • Sports – Members of the college take part in a wide range of sports, including in recent years gliding, rugby, cricket, croquet, polo and rowing. St Stephen’s House has an active rowing club, and often takes part in pan-University events and competitions.
  • Social – Within just a few moments’ walk of the college is a wide range of restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, music venues and more.
  • Common Room – The Student Common Room operates a social programme, which includes film nights, cheese & wine evenings and live music. Afternoon tea is also served in the Student Common Room daily at 4pm during term, to which all students and families are invited.
  • Formal dinners – Every Thursday during term time a formal dinner takes place in the College Dining Room, to which all students are welcome. A black-tie banquet dinner takes place once a term.

Formal dinner at St Stephens House Oxford