Ministry Division pay the University fees for candidates sponsored for ordination in the Church of England up to a set level. For the vast majority of candidates, this means that these fees are fully funded.

Ministry Division provide funds to the Dioceses in order to train ordinands. The Diocese pays the college fixed amounts for the ordinand’s tuition, accommodation and catering in order to provide the services listed below for single and married students. In addition, all eligible ordinands receive a grant from their Diocese to cover personal expenses.

Candidates may also be given further financial support by their sponsoring diocese and private trusts up to an amount authorized by the Ministry Division.

Undergraduates and Graduates

Full details of our other courses (including current fees) may be found on the University website. There is also further information on the websites of the Theology Faculty, the Department of Education and the Faculty of Oriental Studies. It is possible to study several of these courses on a part-time basis. Part time fees are based on half of the full time fee. Please contact our College and Admissions Secretary for more information.